Astbury Ladies Fellowship

It is sixteen months since the outbreak of the Covid pandemic, and one day before restrictions are lifted, when mask wearing and spacing will no longer be legal requirements. However, the Rector has suggested that we continue doing both in church, but there will be singing.
On Sunday 8th August at 3.30 pm there will be a short afternoon entertainment by Archie Halward, bass baritone, which promises to be enjoyable (admission free, retiring collection).
If anyone would like to sponsor a copy of Hymns Ancient & Modern (words edition) at a cost of £12.50, in memory of a loved one, there is still an opportunity to do so during August – contact Carole on 274190.
The Congleton committee for the World Day of Prayer have met to discuss the service which should have taken place last March and has been postponed. We had wondered whether to do the service later this year, but decided not to, as there had been services on Zoom for people to follow at the time. Next year, the service will be written by England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The theme will be ‘Do you know the plan I have for you?’ and will take place on Friday 4th March 2022 at St
Mary’s Roman Catholic Chapel.
Astbury WI bowlers continue to meet on Tuesday between 2.00 and 4.00 pm at the Cricket Club. If you would like to come and have a go, or join us for a cup of tea, you would be very welcome. (If anyone has bowls for sale, 2 lbs or 2 lbs 1 oz, please contact Carole on 274190. We have had some lovely weather, although today’s temperature of 86º F (30º C) is a bit much. We have brought fourteen big calves inside out of the sun, and the milkers are trying to shelter under an enormous
willow tree. I hope everyone is managing to take care of themselves.
Some people have said they felt themselves so cut off during lockdown, so with restrictions being lifted I have arranged for a Fellowship meeting. A first meeting could be in the afternoon so, we can have Astbury Village Hall on Wednesday 18th August from 2.00 till 4.00 pm. I do hope that date is free for you to some and have a catch up and a cup of tea. We very much look forward to seeing
everyone. Brenda has sold her tomato plants and donated £10 to the Fellowship. Thank you very much, Brenda, and we hope that next year they will be able to go on the May Day plant stall. With good wishes to
Carole Godwin