Astbury Ladies Fellowship.

At the May meeting volunteer Becky Hunt told us about the work of Christian Aid, which celebrates its 60th
anniversary this year. The organisation has grown from helping people in poverty to advising governments. For example, in Bolivia producers of gas and coal paid very little tax so following advice from Christian Aid, more tax is now levied so that people over 65 have a state pension and schoolchildren have one meal per day. She showed slides – unhappy Ethiopian woman Locco walked eight hours a day to gather firewood which he sold in the market. Christian Aid donations had bought her a cow and two goats, and in the next slide a smiling face told how successfully she now sold butter and milk.
Fellowship and voluntary donations raised £90 which is greatly appreciated. We’ve been invited to join in their diamond celebration afternoon tea in Warrington on 14th June between 1 and 3 pm. If anyone would like to go, get in touch – 01260 274190.
Members were asked to bring plants cakes and good bric-a-brac for the Fellowship stall at Astbury May Day on the 20th. The day went well in spite of the rain – it was fine for the children’s dancing – and the stall looked great with plants and cakes. We raised £230 for the church – thank you to everyone who helped. If any of you have used stamps we are collecting them for ‘Stamp out Motor Neurone’ please bring them to the June meeting on the 21st.

Carole Goodwin.