Astbury Ladies Fellowship.

We probably all looked back sometimes and wondered about our families several generations ago. In June we had Mr David Smetham, Chairman of the Cheshire Family History Society, who told us how to do the research. If you are a
member, there is a large library at Crewe where existing members will be only too anxious to help. Now we are in the computer age research is so much easier. He suggested starting by creating your pedigree chart. There is a free website, UKBMD, which accesses indexes. Your birth certificate gives details of your parents, then their wedding
certificate and so on (both cost £9.25 each). You could refer to the 10 yearly national census, or the parish registers (started in the 16th century); you might look at churchwardens’ accounts and the Poor Law or grave inscriptions. It is an enormous subject and we thanked Mr Smetham for giving as an introduction to it.
Mrs Wainwright gave a report on the Village Hall AGM in June. The business continues on a sound footing and the lettings are good. There had been a lengthy discussion on proposed alterations to the Hall involving the committee room. If there is a meeting in the main hall kitchen facilities cannot be used. it is suggested that as you enter the hall porch there will be two doors, one going into the main hall and the other into the committee room via a small room by the gents’ toilets where the tables and chairs are stored at the moment. There could be a
small sink and tea making facility so the committee rooms could be independent but which would reduce its size. Also the storage room at the right hand of the stage would house the tables and chairs. A provisional plan is being drawn up by Tony Birchall, prior to much more discussion. The Hall lighting needs modernising – flat lights have
been suggested – and the worn carpet by the Hatch replaced with flooring matching the main hall. If it were to happen – funding would be required, so there will be a quiz night on Saturday 21st October and Lisa Barber is arranging a wreath making demonstration nearer to Christmas. The pie and pea Harvest Supper will be on Friday, 13th
October. The Christmas party will be on Sunday 26th November. In July we met for our Summer Luncheon at the Legs of Man in Smallwood when we presented a cheque for £250 to Sally Drage for the organ fund. Sally explained that the Binns organ which came to Astbury in 1962 from the King’s Hall in Stoke was failing. The diocesan organ adviser told us that a second-hand pipe organ was available – something which does not happen often – and would fit in
the existing space. This organ could be purchased for £500, accommodating it a further £4,500. However, the cost of restoring and installing it could be as much as £65,000. An electronic organ could cost up to £35,000, but would last only 15 to 20 years, whereas a pipe organ would last for 50 years. She thanked us warmly for the donation.
Before the meal we gave thanks for food, family, friends and fellowship, and prayed for people who are struggling with problems, who had lost loved ones or who were ill, particularly our president Dorothy Holliday, who is not well at this time. We then enjoyed a lovely meal and we thank Mrs Sheila Norman for organizing it for is so
meticulously once again. There are some dates for your diary. Next Sunday, 30th July (5th Sunday) the Rector is holding an animal service in the church at 2.30 pm. He assures us it will be fun, and feel free to bring along any pets.
This will be the only service on that day. On Bank Holiday weekend 27th and 28th August the church will be open 12 noon till 6 and tea will served from 2 till 4. On Sunday 27th members of Congleton Ramblers will visit us.
Our next Fellowship meeting is on Wednesday 20th September when Ian Doughty will tell us about Congleton – ‛A town full of surprises’.
Our coffee morning follows on Saturday 23rd September between 9.30 and 12 noon in Congleton Library. If you were at the luncheon you know that cakes, tombola and raffle prizes are needed and any good bric-a-brac. Please bring tombola prizes to the meeting on Wednesday night 20th September for Hazel and Cynthia to have beforehand. Carol
will take bric-a-brac and any raffle prizes.
We hope you all have a lovely summer and look forward to seeing you then.

Carole Goodwin
Sartor’s Quiz (Answers on page 18)
1.What is the formal verbal address to use in the case of
an Archbishop? a. Archbishop; b. Lord Archbishop; c. Your
Grace; d. Most Reverend Sir.
What is a rebus? a. Vehicle; b. Bag; c. Box; d. Pictorial
Name Pun.

Astbury & Smallwood Parish News – August 2017
Which word is the odd one out? a. Thurber; b. Censer; c.
Thurible; d. Thurifer.
Which of the tribes of Israel was responsible for
assisting the priests in their ceremonial duties? a. Judah; b.
Levi; c. Reuben; d. Simeon.
To how many different towns were members of this tribe
assigned to perform their duties? a. 12; b. 24