Astbury Ladies Fellowship.

Astbury Summer Report โ€“ July 2020: At last life is opening up a bit. Lockdown has been, and still is for some, very testing. We may now shop, but we must wear a mask and observe distancing. We may eat out after pre-booking, but we must leave our contact details in case someone goes down with coronavirus. I have been to the hairdresser, who said that after four months everyone wanted a cut and perm! Church services which had been on hold are now taking place in the building; Anne-Marie is celebrating Holy Communion (BCP) on Sunday at 12.15 pm in church which can be viewed online the following Wednesday at 10.00 am. She is also leading a CW service on Wednesday at 12.15 pm, which is repeated the following Sunday at 10.00 am.
There has been a Village Hall Committee webinar which considered two applications to book the hall at the end of August. These will go ahead subject to strict conditions and observation of risk assessments. The carpeted committee room and the kitchen would not be available.
There will be a free-standing hand sanitiser in the porch for all future use.
On the Fellowship front, we shall have to see what September brings. We had arranged to have a coffee morning on 5th September, but have decided to cancel it. Our evening meeting is arranged for 16th September, when Jan Hardie-Woolridge would give us an evening with flowers. I wonder what you feel about this. We would need to write a risk assessment for our use of the Hall. Measures would include using the hand sanitiser on the way in, sitting well spaced out, so wearing a mask would be optional. We would not be able to provide a drink, and we would not handle cash on this occasion, so there would not be an entrance fee. We would very much like to have your opinions โ€“ would you feel able to come to the September meeting, or would you rather delay meeting at all, at present? Please let us know โ€“ Carole on 01260 274190, or any member of the committee.
The speaker on 21st October would be Kevin Reynolds with slides introducing us to dragonflies, and on 18th November Rev Steve McKevitt will tell us about Styal prison, where he is chaplain. The cricket club bowling green is now open and you can go down and play, but subject to using only your own jack and mat, and being aware of distancing.
Life is easing up a little, but do let us know what you think about September.
With all best wishes, Carole.