Astbury Ladies Fellowship.

At the November meeting we were expecting our secretary, Janet Hardie Woolridge to be late. She was
attending a presentation ceremony at the Town Hall. A gardener, she had won a North West regional award for her skills and when her husband died she began creating a rose garden to his memory at Astbury Mere Residential Home where he had been cared for.
Astbury Mere is one of fourteen homes in the Porthaven group and they presented her with their group award for the best volunteer, also acknowledging other things she had contributed to the garden. We did not have to wait long as she joined us for the business .
Mrs Pam Humphreys had been to visit our honorary president at Astbury Mere and Dorothy had enjoyed her company. She is still settling in and would appreciate it if anyone could visit her. She had gone on outing from the home, and John and Rachel Hulse are bringing her to the Wednesday Village Hall Communion. Marie Lycett has not been well, but she assures me she is feeling better.
Brenda Cook reminded us St Mary’s is having a stall in the Artisan market on Saturday 25th (10.00 am to 6.00 pm) and asked for items to sell, and also for support. The main street in Congleton will be closed from 7.00
am to 8.00 pm.
Our Binns organ, originally from the Kings Hall in Stoke, is badly in need of repair. it demands all the skill of our organist Dr Sally Drage to make it sound well. We have instigated repair work for 2018 and are hoping to raise funds towards this. Mrs Dorothy Barnett is holding a Christmas evening with music, prosecco and light refreshments on 9th December. Sally will lead the music; there will be no admission fee, but Dorothy hopes people will donate towards the organ fund. She would also be very grateful to people who would make canapés for that evening. Her contact number is 01260 274089.
Mrs Sheila Norman took payments for the Fellowship Luncheon on 17th January; Her contact number is 01260 271756.
Our speaker was Jan Hardie Woolridge (where does she get her energy from?) who gave us a delightful evening making Christmas cards with a floral theme. The cards were A4 size with an oval cut in the front. She proceeded to make a flower arrangement on oasis to set in the oval of each card – gold, green with purple tulips, white painted willow,
glittered foliage and a Christmas rose. She did six in all and talked entertainingly about her awards and gardening ideas. Mrs Goodwin thanked her warmly for giving us such a fascinating evening. Her arrangements were donated to the raffle.
The Fellowship Supper will be on 13th December (second Wednesday) beginning with Communion at 7.00 pm led by the Rector in the Village Hall. Please bring a plate of food of your choice. (I have been asked to say ‛food’ on the plate, after hearing a hapless story of parents being asked to contribute a bottle towards the school meal – and the parents brought empty bottles!)
We hope you have a smooth run up to Christmas. The Advent Carol service will be on 3rd December at 6.30
pm – some of the Advent Carols are lovely. The Astbury Carol service will be on 17th December at 6.30 pm, preceded at 2.30 by the Somerford Carol Service when Bishop Libby will be in attendance.
We look forward to seeing you, and wish you well.

Carole Goodwin.