Astbury Ladies Fellowship

It is now golden September and the Fellowship hasn’t met since February. We are still coping with Covid-19 restrictions. Church services may go ahead as long as we observe certain rules, so I am very pleased to tell you that we shall be able to hold a Fellowship Meeting in church on Tuesday 29th September at 2.00 pm.
Rev Anne-Marie has invited us to meet in church, where strict protocols for everyone’s safety are being observed. We enter the church – please wear a mask – and sanitise our hands (at the table to our left) and pick up our individual service booklet, which we then keep. (No prayer books.) We walk down the centre aisle, keeping two yards apart and sit one person in a pew.
The church has a misting machine, and the pews will have been disinfected well beforehand. Having done all that, we can look forward to the service. There will be a short catch-up on Fellowship business, then Anne-Marie will give us a talk, including details of her beautifully embroidered cope and lead us in Communion. She will bring the bread to you as you sit in your pew, using sugar tongs to place it in your hands. (If anyone wishes to, bring your own hand sanitiser and use it
before receiving the bread.)
She very much wants to get to know people and is finding masks a great barrier! If you have a photograph of yourself (preferably head and shoulders, and not too small) she would appreciate being able to see it pinned or sellotaped to your lapel!
When you leave church, remember distancing and if you wish to make a donation put it on the Giving plate, or hold your debit or credit card over the machine and it will automatically collect £5 (you can increase or decrease the amount as you wish).
I do hope you are able to come. It will be so good to be together once more – even at a distance – so we shall look forward to seeing you in church on Tuesday 29th September for a 2 o’clock start.
At Fairfields we had amused relief when we bought new nest boxes for our laying pullets. One special, layer one is lined with something similar to astroturf, and has little curtains – and they were queuing up to use it! We christened the nest box ‘The Palace’, and revised our opinion that hens have no brains! We have also had our dairy farm assurance test to make sure that everything complies with the high standards of the Red Tractor. This is usually a farm visit, but no one is
allowed to come at present, so we were told to stand by with the laptop and smart phone! We had a fascinating morning, photographing cows, buildings and documents: it went very well after granddaughter got us connected; one instance when we were grateful for technology.
Stay safe everyone, and see you on the 29th.
With best wishes, Carole.