Astbury Ladies Fellowship.

On another lovely summer’s day members and friends of the Fellowship arrived at the Legs of Man for lunch. The chairman welcomed everyone, particularly Toni and Sheila who have coped with long-term indisposition. We prayed for people who had lost
loved ones or were caring for loved ones, and the not-so-well
themselves. It was Gwen Jones’s birthday โ€“ and she was presented with yellow roses and good wishes. She gave us a warm thank you and told us she was 92. We would never have guessed, Gwen, you are so youthful.
Once more we had a more than adequate delicious meal and thank
Sheila Norman again for her meticulous planning. Mrs Goodwin
reminded us that the next meeting is on 19th September when David
and Karen Griffiths, who own a mill will, talk to us about British wool.
Our coffee morning will be held on Saturday 20th October from 9 till 12 in Congleton Library. Please come along and support this. Plants, cakes and good bric-a-brac will be needed: more about this in September
I went to the animal service on 29th July, where a good selection of dogs โ€“ all colours, all sizes โ€“ had taken their owners. We recognise their value in our world. It was a tail-wagging friendly affair and the Rector offered a blessing outside on any pet if requested.
Astbury is supporting Congleton Heritage Week (8th to 15th September) by staging a bridal gown exhibition in the church. If you have a wedding dress for this, or any pictures of bridal bouquets of yesteryear, please get in touch.

Carole Goodwin