Astbury Ladies Fellowship.

The February meeting took place in the committee room as the main hall floor was being resurfaced. The
chairman had been to see Mrs Holliday, who is being cared for at Astbury Mere. She sent a message to say she is thinking about the Fellowship, and proudly showed Mrs Goodwin a photograph of her very new great granddaughter, Imogen, born on 9th February. We remember Dorothy in our prayers.
Our ‘youngest’ member, Mrs Marie Lycett, will be 101 on 26th February, and we presented her with a card and a gift. She never tells us her secret, but I suspect that her great love of gardening and many hours spent peacefully working in her lovely garden have contributed.
The treasurer gave a report and notices were given out. The Women’s World Day of Prayer service will be held at St Stephen’s church at 10.30 am on Friday 2nd March. It is prepared by the women of Suriname and is an opportunity for us to meet members of other churches. We shall be hosting this service at Astbury on 1st March nextyear.
On Shrove Tuesday, a ‘Pancakes in the Parish’ evening raised the great sum of £418. A packed Village Hall tucked in to pancakes galore frenetically fried by Jayne and Emma Goodwin and Robert Boffey, and cheerfully distributed by Rachel Goodwin, Carole and Ina. The Rector organized hilarious pancake tossing competitions for the children,
which even overflowed at one point onto the car park!. Thank you to Anita and Margaret P. (raffle), Ray and June on the door, Pamela who knitted chicks to cover chocolate eggs and Maureen who provided tea and coffee all evening, helped by Ina and Brian, and to spontaneous volunteers who put up extra tables and washed dishes and supported us
to make it a very good evening.
Easter Day falls on Sunday 1st April this year, and help will be needed to do church teas. There will be a board at the back of church to sign if you feel you could come and volunteer – and for the other Bank Holidays too.
Astbury May Day falls on 19th May, the same day as the Royal Wedding. We hope to have our plant stall there again this year.
Our speaker was Mr Raymond Lowe, who has collected stamps for many years and brought many interesting and varied albums to show us. Roland Hill had had the idea of introducing a postage system in 1840, and had persuaded a sceptical parliament to try it. It took off with great success and inspired other countries to use the same system. The first stamp was the penny black, but surprisingly not the most valuable. It was the twopenny blue which followed, which could have a value of several hundred pounds. Some collectors have themed albums – flowers,dogs, engines. Some countries issue stamps as a means of earning income, not only for their postal use, eg the Isle of Man, where the stamps are particularly beautiful. He fielded questions and hoped he had inspired us to start collecting again. Mrs Goodwin gave a warm vote of thanks.
The next meeting will be on Wednesday 21st March, when Katie Percival will demonstrate ‘Kinderton Hats for Spring’.If you have a favourite hat, bring it to show us, particularly if it has a story attached to it (a favourite wedding, some event). We look forward to seeing you: perhaps you would like to bring a friend.

Carole Goodwin