Astbury Ladies Fellowship.

May was an open meeting and the chairman welcomed members and guests. We said the Fellowship prayer, remembering people who are ill, and a plant with our
condolences was presented to our treasurer, Christine Brooks, who has recently lost her father. The chairman also thanked members who had given plants to the Fellowship’s May Day stall: the £162.50 raised will be put toward the cost of church flowers. Mrs Norman took names for the Luncheon on 17th July and would appreciate it if you could pay her at the June meeting.
Our speaker for the evening was Rev George Lane, who is a coordinating chaplain at Manchester Airport. He had formerly been the Vicar of Heald Green, with some twelve and a half thousand inhabitants, – the airport had a staff of 25,000 and some twenty eight million passengers passed through each year. The chaplains are of
various religions and their rôle is to ‘help, support and guide’ the travellers. George had been called on to do many things, from reassuring passengers who were afraid of flying, to being a neutral support to victims of trafficking, both emotional and physical, when they had been discovered by immigration officials. He worked very hard, and sometimes through the night. It seemed a varied and very demanding rôle and Gwen Jones gave an enthusiastic vote of thanks, and members applauded.
At our next meeting on 19th June we are going to have a musical evening with a Fellowship supper – please will you bring a plate of food as we do in December – and Susan Walker who plays the clarinet and saxophone will entertain us. Steph Morris will join us for the evening before she leaves us in the summer. She will be ordained in Chester Cathedral on Sunday 30th June and a coach is going from Astbury for the service. If you would like to go, there is a list to sign at
the back of church, subject to tickets being available.
In the meantime we look forward to seeing you at our meeting on 19th June, and if anyone would like to join us you will be very welcome.

Carole Goodwin