Astbury Women’s Institute.

Although we are unable to meet as a group, many of us are in contact with each other checking in on one another and brightening our days with a pleasant chat. Some of us now belong to a WI WhatsApp group which keeps us all in touch too. Any of our members, or prospective members who would like to keep in touch in this way, are welcome to contact us.
We were fortunate to be able to hold our March Meeting just before lockdown. Our speaker, David Hext, was excellent and gave us a pleasant memory to look back on. In April we should have listened to Daniel Williams and sampled some of his excellent cheeses. In May we would have held a Fish and Chip Supper following our annual Resolution Meeting when we would have discussed and voted on this year’s resolutions for the National Federation AGM at the Royal Albert Hall, which would have been held this week. Our June Speaker was to have been Carol Redfern from Blood Bikes Manchester. We hope to rebook any speakers whom we have been forced to cancel in this time of crisis for our next year’s programme.
Jean Harding, Chairman of the Cheshire Federation was brave enough to go live on their Facebook page. She encouraged us all to stay in touch by whatever means was best for us, just as we are doing at Astbury. She is keen that all Cheshire WIs should make a scrapbook of their lockdown activities for their archive.
If members would like to contribute a memory of this time (handwritten or typed) or some pictures, you can send them to our Secretary, Liz Edmunds, who will collate them. Those members who wish to make their own scrapbook of their activities, thoughts and feelings for the time of the pandemic are encouraged to do so. We will have a scrapbook competition when we can meet again.
We, at Astbury, celebrate our 80th birthday as WI this year, so we were hoping to make it a year of celebration with lots of plans in the pipeline, which will not now come to fruition, but in the words of Her Majesty the Queen, we will meet again when all this is over and the celebrations for us will be twofold.
Ring Kate on 07875 691107, Liz on 07766 738004 or Margaret on 07581 095418 for further information or updates.