Astbury Women’s Institute.

Margaret Pearson, welcomed us all to this early meeting and also informed us of the sad passing of Marion Painter on 16th December, who was also a member of the Bowls Team and will be sadly missed. We held a minute’s silence in her memory.
Apologies were received from Carolyn Livesley, Cath Booth, Margaret Hollinshead, Esme Betley, Jane Tarrant and Pat Briggs.
Thanks went to Cath Cunliffe for the Birthday Buttonholes for the January Birthday ladies, Margaret Pearson, Margaret Hocknell, Cath Cunliffe, Catherine Pedley, Jenny Fagin. Refreshments for the next meeting will be done by Marion Higginbotham, and Yvonne Walker will assist; flowers for the President’s Table for February will be Kathleen Knowles, and the Vote of Thanks will be by Kate Burrow.
The Treasurer’s Report was given by Lisa Spencer.
2020 will be our 80th Birthday, and Margaret Pearson asked for ideas on how we could celebrate this special year. Proposals were discussed regarding the AGM and the Resolutions on which we will be required to vote – a). Trees and improving the natural landscape to reduce flooding and erosion and the NFWI calls on WI to take action on plant life and protect trees and inspire others to do the same; b). Improving Plant life and ensuring plants are not infected by making a mandatory
Plant Certification Scheme therefore making sure that all plants coming into the UK are screened and infection free; c). Pelvic Floor Education. Incontinence and Prolapse education and education and treatment for all and access to services; d). Suffering in Silence and why we need to end the taboo on Menstrual Health. To improve gynaecological services for all; e). The decline of local bus services – to improve community transport and adequate services and f). Don’t Fear The
Smear – 5,000 lives a year are lost through ladies not being checked for Cervical Cancer and awareness needs to be raised and address barriers
associated with this. These are all worthy causes and we will need to discuss in the next meetings and decide on what we want to vote for.
The Biddulph Ukelele Group attended and played and sang a variety of songs where everyone joined in. A great time was had by all and some of the members danced the night away!
The Speaker for the February meeting will be Derek Poulson on a talk ‘Love Actually’.
The Competition will be a handmade Valentine Card. The next meeting will be 6th February and anyone wishing to come to our meetings and join us is very welcome. For further information please contact Kate Burrow on 07875 691170.