Astbury Women’s Institute

Although this third lockdown seems to have been tougher than any other previously, I think we are finally beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully before the summer is out we can all emerge into the sunlight and renew our social life gradually in line with the easing of restrictions. I know from social media that second vaccinations have begun to happen for many of our members, and I’m delighted to see that some have at long last been able to meet up with family members in their gardens. I also realise that some members are very keen to get out and about once more, where others will find the easing of restrictions more daunting. They may be anxious about meeting people … very aware that the virus has not gone away completely. We, as a Committee are keen that everyone should feel happy and comfortable with the transition into this “new normal” whatever that may look like. Please feel free to contact us and express your concerns, to ask for help (should you feel you need it).
I wondered if there may be members who would feel happy to form walking groups of 6 over the next couple of months. Nothing strenuous, just an easy walk, like a stroll around Astbury Mere. Some of you may be able to offer alternative routes which we might enjoy. Liz, our secretary, and I have also been chatting about the possibility, as the weather warms up, of having groups of six knit and natter meetings outdoors in the garden. Please let us know if you would like join in one of those groups of six.
The Autumn Council Meeting with Gloria Hunniford has been postponed, yet again, to 2022. The AGM scheduled in June at the Royal Albert Hall has become a virtual event and each WI has been asked if they would like to provide a delegate. The resolution which has been adopted is one which is close to many of our hearts concerning “The Subtle Signs of Ovarian Cancer”. We shall be sending out information to members and asking for your vote, for and against, in the next month
In our last update I mentioned the fact that the WI is supporting the first ever NHS, Social Care and Frontline workers Day on 5th July. We, at Astbury, thought it would be good to support our NHS at the Congleton War Memorial Hospital and Astbury Mere as our local Care Home. We propose taking some cakes to show our appreciation of the hard work of the staff at this difficult time. The cakes are a thank you to the staff who have worked through this most difficult of years. Several of you kindly volunteered to bake. Could I ask you to let us know what sort of cake you propose making and which venue you would prefer to benefit from your cake. Elaine Hancock has kindly volunteered to knit a “nurse on a stand” to be presented along with our cakes at both venues and she has suggested I write a poem to commemorate the event. July will be a very busy month for Astbury WI as we have also been advised that Astbury May Day has been planned for 17 July this year, of which more news later.
I hope that Kate Burrow, Jane Tarrant, Kathy Knowles and Liz enjoyed their birthdays in March and I’m sure you all join me in wishing Carole Goodwin, Margaret Moores, Sheelagh Steele and Yvonne Walker a very happy April birthday.
NFWI are very excited to announce their new programme ‘Me, Myself and WI’, coming to you this May. They aim to encourage you to take time to look after your mental health and physical wellbeing, to put yourself first and easily identify ways in which you can make small adjustments to your daily life, and to help improve your understanding of the importance of taking care of your mind and body. More details when we have them
This has turned into quite a lengthy update and I really hope it finds you well. Don’t forget that we are here for all our members and are always happy to hear from you.
Looking forward to seeing you all whenever that may be possible.
Margaret, Liz, Kath and Lisa.