Please be sympathetic to our need to issue guidelines for placing flowers in Church. These are necessary because of the historic nature of a building that is in daily use for many types of services and events.

Florists should note the following –

If placing flowers on the Altar use only the brass vases supplied.

Main arrangements should use the stands on each side of the chancel steps, the one by the pulpit, the other by the Eagle Lectern.

The carved wooden screen, which divides the main part of the Church from the Choir, is over 500 years old. Please do not place any flowers or containers of flowers on it or through it.

Our pews are over 400 years old. If pew-ends are decorated, do not use BluTack, Sellotape or drawing pins. Use only hangers which will not damage the wood or polish.

Flowers must be left in Church after the service as it is too late on a Saturday evening for someone to arrange flowers for our Sunday services. The only exception is pew-end decorations which should be removed directly after the service.

Please arrange for access to the Church with Mrs Cook on 01260 290194.

If there are others getting married on the same day, you will need to coordinate flowers with them. Phone Mrs Cook or the Rector for contact details.

Artificial flowers must not be used in any arrangement. The appropriate use of dried flowers is acceptable.