Order of service

Suggested Outline Order of

Entrance of the Bride


1st Hymn

The Marriage

Reading (s)

2nd Hymn *


3rd Hymn

Prayers and Blessing

Signing of the Register

Departure of the Bride and Groom

* If there are only two hymns, this one is omitted.

You should discuss your order of service well in advance of your wedding with whoever is leading your wedding service and with our Director of Music, Sally Drage. She will provide a list of suitable hymns, together with the words as sung at Astbury, and also advise you on your choice of entrance and departure music. (Please note that this is always played on the organ.) She will also make you a draft order of service. This needs to be checked by the Rector Anne-Marie and Sally for approval before it is printed.

The following must be printed on the final page of your service sheet:

Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI)

Music Reproduction Licence 798823

Church Copyright Licence 798816

Useful web site

The Church of England has recently put together a useful website to help you plan your wedding. It includes planning the service and picking readings and hymns. You can also hear many of the favourite wedding hymns being sung. Enter Church of England + wedding into your search engine or go to www.yourchurchwedding.org/planner/