Useful notes, numbers and addresses

For more information or to book your wedding please contact Jean Nadin on 01260 279443 email or one of our Church wardens, Brenda Cook on 01260 290194 email or John Hulse. 01260 289084 email

You need to contact our Director of Music, Dr Sally Drage, in plenty of time – email:, or phone: 01260 270217. Please see important information about your choice of hymns and music on the next page.

To discuss the placing and provision of flowers in Church please contact Brenda Cook on 01260 290194 or email
Please be aware that occasionally there is more than one wedding on a Saturday and it is important to communicate with Brenda to ensure that all parties are happy with the floral decorations.

Directions: if your guests are using SatNavs it would be useful to point out that it’s St Mary’s, Astbury and not St Mary’s, Congleton. Our postcode is CW12 4RQ. The Ordnance Survey Map reference is SJ 846615.

Please consult the guidelines below for taking photographs at wedding services. 

Still photography

No flash photography is to be used during the ceremony other than at the signing of the register and as the couple is leaving.

It is important that photographers do not move around and detract from the service, especially if they are in front of the couple.

If access to the gallery is required, please see the verger in plenty of time in order for the tower door to be unlocked.

In bad weather, the wedding party is welcome to come back into church for the photographs, provided no other wedding is scheduled for later.

We often have more than one wedding in a day. Photographers, guests and cars must be clear of the church & churchyard 30 minutes before the following service.


Video photography

If couples wish a video to be taken of their service we are happy to allow this. Following these guidelines will ensure that a decent film is obtained without disturbing the important ceremony. A limited manufacture licence, obtainable from:, and an additional fee are necessary because the music in the service is copyright material, and also because our organist is a professional musician. These apply whether a video is taken by an amateur or a professional.

No additional lighting may be used.

Please ensure that the video photographer does not move around and detract from the service. Particular discretion is required when filming in front of the couple. However, a camera may be placed on a tripod in the chancel in consultation with the Rector before the beginning of the service.

A camera may also accompany the couple at the signing of the registers and move around for the procession at the end of the service.