Wedding costs

You’ve probably read all sorts of inflated figures as to the average cost of a wedding today. The cost of the wedding service itself, in church, does not have to break the bank.

For a wedding at Astbury some of the charges are set by the Church of England at the beginning of each year and include the fees for the taking of the service, the reading of the banns,the marriage certificate and the verger’s fee.

For 2021 the charges are as follows:-
£464 The Marriage Service.
£31 The Reading of the Banns.
£140 The Verger’s Fee.
The Verger is there to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possibly on the day for you: to answer your and your guests’ questions and to sort out any difficulties which may arise.

There are other facilities St Mary’s can offer to ensure your wedding day is designed around you and enables you to create the perfect setting. We have a professional organist, a robed choir and a set of eight bells  (along with eight strong armed bell ringers). The current fees for these extra facilities are:-

Organist £130 and Organ maintenance £40 -These fees are payable unless you have no music at all. They are still payable if you arrange your own organist or other musicians.
Choir – £225 on Saturdays (by arrangement on weekdays). The choir is currently NOT available because of COVID restrictions.
Bells – £270. The full ring is currently NOT available because of COVID restrictions. However, a single bell may be rung before and after the service at a cost of £25.
Heating £250 – This charge is compulsory for all weddings between 1st October and 30th April. Heating can be supplied at this cost for weddings between 1st May and 30th September on giving two days’ notice.

The only other fee payable is if you are having a video taken in the service. You will need a separate licence (see below) and there is a fee of £130 for Permission to Video*. A licence and additional fee are necessary because the music played in the service is copyright whether performed live or recorded. There is no charge if you use a photographer and only still photographs are taken, but we do have to inform you that there is a £25 fee for people using tablets and/or mobile phones during the service.

So the wedding service itself is £635 and you’ll need to add any of the above fees if you choose to have any of the extras. For all those items marked with an asterisk no portion of the money is retained by the church.

Admittedly,  this is a picture from preparations for an Amateur Dramatic Society  performance but I’m sure it goes to show that everyone loves a good rehearsal.

Please also factor into your plans a 45-minute wedding rehearsal. This would normally take place on the evening before the wedding to make it easy for anyone travelling from a distance, although this is flexible and can be discussed closer to the wedding date. It is not compulsory but it is a very useful time to walk through the service. The primary purpose is to set your minds at rest and to reassure you that you have absolutely nothing to worry about on the day. You should bring along to the rehearsal the licence if any video is to be shot.