More Cake Vicar? Don’t mind if I do!


Church events always go better with cake and to prove it, the talented bakers of Astbury have joined together to publish a new recipe book full of the cakes we have all been enjoying.  In true politically correct spirit, there are recipes from the gentlemen and the young people as well as from our lady cooks.

Be tempted by Raspberry and White Chocolate Cookies or Very Decadent Cherry and Almond Slice.  Go retro with Nicety Cakes.  Experiment with Beetroot and Chocolate Cake or try the renowned Congleton Gingerbread recipe for a truly local treat.  And don’t forget to look out for the famous Rectory scones; you won’t see this recipe anywhere else. In all, forty-six pages of the delectable and the homely (just like our cooks).

All proceeds from the book will help towards building the access ramp so please support it generously and spread the word amongst your friends.

An ideal gift!

£5 each; available in church or callJohn Hulse01260 289084