The organ is a splendid ‘Battleship’ Binns. Until it was restored recently, it was rather battered and our organist had been known to carry out running repairs with superglue and sticky tape.

It was built as a 4-manual concert organ by J.J. Binns for the Kings Hall in Stoke-on-Trent in 1912, and in 1962 it was moved to Astbury, where it was cut down to 3 manuals by Reeves and Merner. In 2005 it was rebuilt by David Jones of Lincoln and placed on a platform above the vestry. Unfortunately, funds ran out before this could be completed and the wiring, in particular, still needed some serious tlc.

After lots of fundraising and grants from the Congleton Inclosure Trust and the Pilling Trust, we have now raised £30,000 and the restoration is nearly complete. In particular, all the electrics are now solid state, the Great Open Diapasons are no longer missing a bottom octave, the Swell Oboe now works, we have added an 8′ Flute to the Great and a Quint to the Pedal, and we have removed the dust of ages from the Choir. We still need to sort out the Contra Fagotto on the Swell and Pedal, and the Swell and Choir expression pedals need adjustment, or maybe electrification.

We are most grateful to Iain Harvey of Charles James Organs and John Ramsbottom of Sonic Services for their sterling work, and for the help of the Diocesan Organ Advisor, Rev Andrew Mannings. A big thank you too, to everyone who helped us raise the necessary funds by donations or by holding events.