Our Beliefs

We believe that in Jesus, God offers us a certain hope for healing – in our relationship with God, each other, ourselves, and creation. We believe that everything in life is spiritual, whether that is mowing the lawn or singing in the choir or writing a poem or playing football or praying or spending time enjoying grandchildren! We believe that all life is precious and is to be lived to the full. 

We believe that all our brokenness, failures and fears can be restored and made whole in Jesus. We understand the need for each one of us to go on an inner journey with God, to help us become more whole people – body, mind and soul.

We believe this is best done in community. Together we seek to grow more like Jesus, helping carry one-another’s burdens, sharing of our finances, praying, confessing and worshiping together.

We believe we need to live out the message of Jesus in our own lives, our church family and in the communities where we live.

The basic beliefs of the Church of England are:

  • a belief that the Bible contains the core of all Christian faith and thought – it contains all things necessary for salvation and is the rule and ultimate standard of faith.
  • celebration of the sacraments ordained by Jesus himself – that of Baptism and Holy Communion
  • a system of Church order that stems from ancient times and is focused in the ordained ministry of Bishop, Priest and Deacon
  • a firm commitment to the ministry of the whole people of God, both ordained and non-ordained together