Latest Rector’s Letter

God in a hurry.

Waiting permeates every aspect of life. So it should be no surprise that waiting is an element in many stories from the Bible. God’s plans for God’s people will often include . . . a hiatus.
At the Ascension, Christ commanded his followers to wait for the Holy Spirit. Ten days later, on the day of Pentecost, that promise was fulfilled – and ten days is God in a hurry! Jesus had to spend forty days and forty nights in the wilderness. The Hebrews needed forty years for the Exodus. My life has mini waits while the kettle boils and interminable waits for some things that will never happen. Side-by-side, we share our collective waits; but for our solitary waits, we suffer alone.
We can have an anxious wait, a boring wait, and I have no doubt that sometimes we will have a Godly wait. Many waits are a complete mystery to us. One half of the country is waiting for Brexit, the other half is waiting for a second referendum, and both are convinced that they wait for justice. Some may wait for
surgery, whilst others wait for exam results. On the M6 we wait for traffic to move. On a Sunday we wait for the Rector to get to his point.
And all the while we wait, it feels like our time has never been more precious . . . But you can’t rush God. Waiting has its utility: George Bernard Shaw observed that the English are not a very spiritual nation – so they invented Cricket to evoke a sense of eternity. Jokes need that momentary delay which we call
‘comic timing’. And golf would be nothing without the drama of the steady and controlled putt which trundles slowly but inexorably towards the hole.
From the middle of July the Church will begin its wait for a new Rector. That period may have its dramas! It will almost certainly have its frustrations. But I trust we will all eventually see the hand of God at work. I can tell you now, it will almost certainly take longer than forty
days. Let us hope it takes considerably less than forty years!
More than anything, I trust the wait will be concluded with the right person, coming to the right place at the right time. And while most of us wait,
don’t forget to pray.

Jeff Cuttell