Latest Rector’s Letter

Setting God’s People Free.
I’m a vicar. I live in a strange and distorted corner of the real world. I go to do a funeral visit and I’m kindly asked if I’d like a cup of tea. And that’s what I get, tea in a china cup with a saucer – whilst everyone around me drinks from mugs!
I used to know what the real world was like, but I haven’t lived in that world for an awfully long time. And anyway, the world is always changing! I don’t understand the modern workplace. The competitive business environment is a mystery to me. It’s been two decades since my children were at school, and the pressures on teenagers in this age of Snapchat and Instagram just didn’t exist. I don’t live with the fear of being made redundant; I don’t draw a pension; I’m not facing a long- term illness; and I don’t know how to milk a cow or fix a truck . . .
But on a Sunday, I am expected to stand up and lead a service that
helps ordinary Christian people, who face all these things and more, to connect with their God and find strength for the lives they’re living.
‘Setting God’s People Free’ is a new church initiative. We want to get better at connecting the Sunday church experience with the challenges that you all meet from Monday through to Saturday. It’s not about doing more, but it is about doing better.
Can you help me? I’m looking for two or three people who will become ‘champions’ of people’s daily lives. I need someone who will work with me and with the church’s leadership so that we get better at making connections into people’s lives. God so loved the world that he sent a carpenter, not a vicar. And Jesus, in his turn, left changing the world to fishermen and to tax collectors. The world will be changed by people who are connected to it – not by people who are disconnected from it.

Jeff Cuttell.