Latest Rector’s Letter

Many readers of The Chronicle will know Astbury Church as a stunning local landmark in a beautiful village. Perhaps some readers
have been inside to celebrate special occasions or to explore its history.
But the Church is also home to a living Christian community who are looking to the future. We are considering the facilities this great
building will need to play a wider role in the life of our village, our town and our region.
What do we need to do to make our church a useable physical space for a wider range of events and interests? At the very least, we are quite
clear that having a decent inside loo would be a great start! But we need many more ideas – perhaps a stage, a decent kitchen, a meeting
room or an open, flexible space; better facilities for children or for catering? We would love to be able to host concerts and meetings and
much more besides.
Before an architect can draw up any plans, we need to write a ‘Statement of Needs’. And this is where I want to ask for the help of
your readers. On Monday 11th February the church will be open from 2.30 until 7.30 pm. Come and have a look around, tell us who you are
and how you think our great Church could be useful to a wider range of groups and of people.
We have at least a thousand years of history under our belt – we want to be around for at least another thousand years yet!
I look forward to seeing you soon.
Jeff Cuttell. Rector of Astbury.