Prayer Group

Please note that due to Covid-19 restrictions the Prayer Group is not meeting at present. However we do have a Wednesday evening discussion group on Zoom. This starts at 7.30 pm and if you wish to join please contact either Anne-Marie or John Hulse for further information.
Normally, we have an active Prayer Group. It started in 2010 when our rector was unwell and the church seemed beset by problems, and ever since we’ve met fortnightly at 8 o’clock on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month, praying for the local and global communities.

We begin by talking generally about what or who we want to pray for – just settling down and trying to put aside the hassles of the day. We end up with quite a long list of people who need prayer and there are often requests from the prayer box in the Lady Chapel as well. Sometimes we don’t know who we are praying for but names don’t matter – God knows exactly who it is who needs his help. And at any rate, it’s all totally confidential and we’d never break people’s trust.

We then sit quietly for about half an hour and pray through the list. There’s no pressure to say anything and often it’s all silent prayer, but there is a sense of combined focus which is uplifting and can be quite powerful. We do believe God constantly answers prayers, even if his answers don’t give us exactly what we originally sought.

It’s a privilege and a responsibility to be trusted with praying for others but the Prayer Group isn’t stuffy, and we’re definitely not ‘holier than thou’. You’d be most welcome to come along and find out what it’s really like. The tea, coffee and chocolate biscuits at the end are an added bonus and for further information please contact either Rachel Hulse on 01260 289084 or Sally Drage on 01260 270217.

Prayer requests are welcomed either in church or via .