Live Nativity in Astbury

live-nativity-twolive-nativity-threelive-nativity-onelive-nativity-fourlive-nativity-write-up 2000 Year Old Story Plays to Record Crowds
Yet again Astburys Live Nativity Play attracted capacity audiences for both nights. Those fortunate to attend enjoyed the spectacle of a costumed enactment of the plight of Mary & Joseph as they journeyed around Bethlehem, looking a lot like the Village at Astbury, searching for a place to stay for the night.
Accompanying them on this perilous journey were groups of children wrapped up in warm coats, bright hats, red noses and even antlers, who with their parents, provided guiding lights and encouragement.
Carols were sung with much gusto at each stop along the way and commentary offered by a quite knowledgeable fellow masquerading as XXXX who seemed to know each twist and turn of this amazing story.
The procession encountered some startled Shepherds who told of a visit by singing Angels telling of an important birth and that the baby and his parents could be found resting in the lowly stable at Glebe Farm.
Eventually the whole procession arrived at the stables to witness the visit of the three Wise Men and all paid homage to the infant Jesus before singing carols and feasting on mince pies, hot chocolate and mulled wine.
This event has become a ‘must see’ at Christmas and, as capacity in limited, make sure you put a note in your calendar to book early for 2017 to avoid disappointment.