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We have been supporting the work of St George Foundation since the Ebola crisis of 2015 left thousands of children orphaned and homeless on the streets of Freetown. The immediate danger of Ebola has thankfully passed but the conditions for hundreds of children in the city are little better.

As a church, the PCC make a regular donation and many of us contribute personally so that the work of the foundation can continue … but it’s not enough …
For those who may be wondering, St George do not receive funds from national campaigns or from UK Government for their vital work. 97% of our donations is spent on the actual project; this is achieved by very low UK overheads and no paid staff in the UK. http://www.stgeorgefoundation.org.uk/aboutus

Can you help? Even if you are not able to contribute today, please pray for these children, for the staff, the organisation and for financial support … and spread the word … of the plight of orphans and abandoned children left on the streets of Freetown – and the difference St George Foundation can make.

Freetown Mudslide & Flooding

Dear All
St George Foundation has been called in to get involved with emergency relief effort to take in children that have just been orphaned or separated and lost in the flooding that is ongoing in Freetown. We are preparing for an emergency influx of children with immediate effect and have not got any numbers of how many we will have to help at this moment. This is a large-scale disaster so the numbers will be high we suspect.
You may well have heard the news of serious flooding in Sierra Leone and supporters are already concerned for the children. There were three days of continuous torrential rain and it has overwhelmed parts of the city with the loss of over 300 lives so far.
With regard to our children and staff at the centre everyone is OK and we are not aware of any children being affected that have previously stayed with us.
We have not escaped completely though. The hillside above the centre has suffered considerable deforestation and unofficial development recently and as a result of that a large number of rocks slid down the hill and crashed into our water reservoir and damaged that and the pipework connecting the buildings so at the moment we have no water supply. It is however repairable and for the moment we will have to buy in bottled water until we can fix it.
Thank you always for your concern for the children, we will update you when we know more.
With best regards

Thanks to the wonderful generosity of St Mary’s church family, the special collection on Sunday 27th August raised a magnificent £1,037.19 for St George Foundation, caring for children in Freetown, Sierra Leone who have been orphaned following the mudslide and flooding disaster.
Philip Dean who heads up the Foundation, is extremely grateful for this support at a time when their funds are fully stretched. They are currently caring for over 70 children since the mountain collapsed and have also taken in three pregnant ladies to shelter them from the dangers of infection in the immediate disaster site. In recognition of this response to the emergency and their need for extra funding to cope with the additional numbers of children, St George Foundation have been promised a measure of funding from the local government in Sierra Leone and from a Catholic Mission in the area. However, Philip understands that this may not be forthcoming for up to six months owing to procedural red tape …….. and meanwhile the children need food and clothing now. Hence the welcome nature of this gift of funds at a difficult time.
Thank you to all who contributed – please know just how much your gift is appreciated.

St George letter


St George Foundation newsletter – May 2018
We have exciting news from Sierra Leone. A German churchman visited during the Ebola crisis. He was impressed by our work and has continued contact with Justina. His church in Germany, St George, has now contracted to build us a large new centre on our land outside of Freetown. We look forward to welcoming new friends who share our vision. Watch for news of this exciting development.

Obviously the big story of 2017 was the mudslide and we ended up with 36 children orphaned by it moving in with us. We were also very active on the ground at the time. This is the story of one flood survivor, told to our workers. Abdulia, a 13 year old, lived with his parents in a hillside community. He awoke early on 14 August to the urgent cries of his father to get out of the house. Outside, in heavy rain, neighbours were running helter skelter, all afraid. Abdulia’s father took him and his mother by hand and started to cross the road. Suddenly, a river of mud overtook them. It swept them away amid the rocks and debris thundering down the road. Urgent hands reached for Abdulia and pulled him to safety, but his parent were not seen again. After a two week stay in hospital, a deeply bereft and traumatised boy was admitted to the St George Foundation.

Another victim of the landslides is a young girl who suffers from a serious spinal deformity. If it is left untreated it will probably ruin and shorten her life, so we are going to deal with that for her. Her name is Cecelia – full of life, very intelligent and keen to study.

We have been in touch with a specialist spinal charity who advise us that they can assist us to get her condition operated on in Ghana – but it looks as if we will have to raise £10,000 to cover everything. At the moment we are still assessing her condition and the situation is not urgent. We hope to keep you informed of her progress.

Sierra Leone has just held a general election. As we move forward ourselves we don’t quite know what the new government will bring.

In the future we would like to get supporters more actively involved and we intend to write quarterly. In fact, I am in Sierra Leone in May. I plan to write a letter upon my return with what is happening. I will bring back for you some photos and bits of film.

My very best wishes,

Philip Dean, Founder of St George Foundation