Thank You from Chris, Jane, Evie and baby Samuel









Giving birth to a baby 11 weeks before my due date was not a possibility I had ever considered, so when this became a reality on 19th July 2012 it was initially a shocking and confusing experience.  In the days that followed, the wealth of feeling shown by our church family in Astbury was truly overwhelming and a great comfort to our family.

We are extremely grateful to all those who brought us delicious meals each week until our son came home, thank you.

A huge thank you must go to the talented ladies who have knitted tiny clothes for the neonatal units, at both Warrington and Macclesfield and continue to do so (without a pattern!)  The hospitals really are reliant on your generosity as many of the babies are so small that clothing manufacturers and retailers just don’t make garments small enough.  For those that would like to continue knitting there will be a box at the back of church, together with a small notebook for you to record your name and address (if you wish to), as the hospital staff would dearly love to send their own note of thanks.

The messages and prayers of so many of you gave us the strength to cope with the challenges we faced along the way; knowing that we were not alone.  They also gave us hope for the future.

This whole chapter has been extremely humbling; before this we thought we were blessed with a strong family and friends but we had never tested the theory.

Sometimes life takes you to a place where all you can do is pray and that is what we did.  Our prayers were answered in so many ways; but the caring and wise medical staff and the love and support of our church are two that I will always remember, Thank you.

We named our son Samuel meaning “God Heard”.


Jane Moore