Prayer at St Mary’s

Much of the prayer at St Mary’s is corporate, that is to say we do it together. Yet there is, of course, another vital side to our prayer life, our own  prayers, as we accept God’s call to us to share our lives with him and to bring our hopes and concerns to him, and to try to share in Christ’s prayer to his Father, that his will be done, his kingdom come.

St Mary’s now has a very active Prayer Group, which meets on the second and fourth Thursday of each month to pray for people, concerns and issues. As well as group prayer, individuals have the opportunity to take the time to quietly meditate and develop their own relationship with God. All are welcome – you don’t have to say anything – just be there.

For more information please contact Rachel Hulse 01260 289084, or Sally Drage 01260 270217 or email

How to Pray
Daily Prayer